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Aaron Sorkin: Film About High-Stakes Poker Organizer 'Not A Poker Movie'

Cards To Serve As The Backdrop For Biopic, Oscar Winner Says


What is a poker movie?

Apparently not the upcoming film about high-stakes poker organizer Molly Bloom, dubbed the “Poker Princess” for her years running underground games that catered to celebrities and rich businessmen. “Molly’s Game,” which is Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut, is more about Bloom’s personal relationships than cards, according to the Oscar-winning screenwriter.

“[I]f you’re a poker player, you’ll enjoy the poker scenes — but it’s not a poker movie,” Sorkin said to Entertainment Weekly. “No, we never care who wins or loses a game. The movie is about her and what happened to her. And particularly two relationships in her life: the relationship she has with her criminal lawyer, played by Idris Elba, and her relationship with her father, Kevin Costner.”

Sorkins’ comments seem to indicate that the movie will not include any poker hands like we saw in the 1998 cult classic “Rounders,” for example. The trailer for Molly’s Game was released earlier this month, and though it featured poker there weren’t any hands in it.

The real-life Bloom was indicted by the federal government over the games and involvement in a gambling ring that had ties to the Russian mob. She was sentenced to probation in 2014.

The movie will hit theaters Nov. 22, 2017.