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Man Found Guilty Of Robbing Same Casino Twice In One Week

Jury Convicts Montana Man Of Crimes From Last Fall


A Montana man has been convicted of robbing the same local casino twice in a single week.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reported that on Wednesday a jury found Duane Burchill guilty of two counts of robbery, among other charges, for the crimes that took place in the span of a week in late September of last year.

Burchill robbed the Magic Diamond Casino in Bozeman, making off with a combined $1,500 from the two incidents. Burchill was armed and wearing a mask.

He reportedly used a fake accent in the robberies, likely due to the fact that he knew an employee at the property. A police informant the prosecution said helped Burchill commit the first robbery was a key witness in the case. The defense argued that the police investigation was full of holes and that Burchill was framed.

The jury didn’t buy it. Burchill will be sentenced Sept. 12.

Magic Diamond Casino Bozeman has 20 of Montana’s more than 18,000 gambling machines. The state has 16 tribal casinos and 173 card rooms, according to the 2016 American Gaming Association State of the States report.

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