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Poker Pro Fails In Bet To Eat $1,000 Worth Of McDonald's In 36 Hours

Michael Noori Only Finishes About 10 Percent Of Bet


Nearly everybody thought it was impossible, and they were right.

California poker pro Mike Noori over the weekend began an attempt to eat $1,000 worth of McDonald’s (not including drinks) in 36 hours. The idea for the prop bet came from Poker Hall of Fame nominee Matt Savage.

After 10 hours into the bet, Noori had only consumed $90 worth of the fast food, according to a Twitter update. The bet was eventually aborted at around the $100 mark, according to tweets. Some commentators called the effort “pathetic,” but Noori was apparently already struggling just 10 percent of the way through the bet.

More than $200,000 worth of action was booked for the bet, according to Noori, though his stake was only a “tiny piece of it.” Bettors on Noori were reportedly getting 5-1.

Noori’s plan had been to start with $500 worth of apple slices, but that didn’t end up happening. He only ordered $50 worth of them and had mashed them into an apple sauce.

Noori has about $400,000 in lifetime tournament earnings. The largest score of his career came last summer in a $1,500 WSOP event in which he finished fourth for $74,000.

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