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High-Stakes Prop Bet: Poker Pro To Attempt To Eat $1,000 Worth Of McDonald's In 36 Hours

$200,000 Worth Of Action Booked At 5-1


Think McDonald’s is gross? Try eating $1,000 worth of it in a 36-hour time frame.

That’s what poker pro Mike Noori will attempt at an Arizona McDonald’s May 19-21, according to various reports and social media posts. Noori said there’s $200,000 on the line, though what he is risking from his own pocket is “a tiny piece of it.”

Poker Hall of Fame nominee and prominent tournament director Matt Savage is taking action against Noori, who is getting 5-1 on his money, according to reports.

Many observers have called the challenge impossible, estimating that he will have to consume about 70,000 calories in less than two days.

There are rules to the hazardous prop bet. None of the $1,000 budget can be used for drinks, and only $200 can be spent on salads. Drugs are also off the table.

Like any eating contest, Noori must keep the food down.

“My plan is to start with $500 worth of apple slices,” said Noori, who has about $400,000 in lifetime tournament earnings. The largest score of his career came last summer in a $1,500 WSOP event in which he finished fourth for $74,000.

A blender is also prohibited, Noori said.

Some observers suggested flying to Scandinavia where a McDonald’s burger is much more expensive than in the U.S., so that’s why the Arizona location has already been set.

High-stakes gambler Dan Bilzerian, who is well-known for some of his prop bets, polled his Twitter followers on Noori’s challenge. About two in three think Noori will fail.

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