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The Best Casino Games For Advantage Players

Tips For Becoming A Professional Gambler


If you are considering becoming a professional player, this article will help you get started. If you are already a professional player, you may think you already know everything – but read on and you might learn something new.

Understanding why most players lose

In a nutshell, most casino players lose because of the house edge. But what does it actually mean?

Let’s consider the house edge in roulette: there are 37 pockets on the European wheel. So if your accuracy for predicting the winning number is no better than random, you can expect to win on one in 37 spins. But the payout is 35 to 1 for a single number win. This difference between odds and payout is basically the house edge, and it’s why most players lose over time.

Games and bets with the lowest house edge

You may find yourself drawn to particular games. You may find roulette wheel spins particularly exciting, or you may prefer the careful strategy of card games. But if you intend to either earn a living as a professional player, or even just subsidize your existing income, it is prudent to consider the house edge of each game.

The house edge varies between casino games and types of bets. For example, the house edge in Baccarat can be as low as 1.06% or as high as 14.36%. That’s a big difference. And when you understand the implications, you’re not likely to make bad bets. The exception is if the odds of an event are better than normal. This will be explained later.

The difference between odds and payout

In sports betting, consider the odds being 2 to 1. This means if you win, you receive back 5 times your initial investment. In reality, 2 to 1 is the payout. The odds are a very different thing. The odds are basically the chances of a team winning. And the odds might be a team has a very poor chance of winning. Perhaps because some of its better players are missing the game due to injury.

In sports betting, usually the payouts will change depending on the bets wagered, as opposed to fixed odds. This ensures that regardless of which team wins, the bookmakers still profit. In fact this provides a more assured profit than running a casino.

In casino games, the distinction between odds and payouts are better understood by players. But the above example highlights that the payouts of casino games are fixed. But the odds are a very different thing, and can be changed with advantage play strategies. A classic example is card counting. The payouts never change, but you can change you odds by predicting which cards are more likely to be dealt.

Which game can give the highest player edge?

Contrary to what you might think, the highest edge possible can be achieved with roulette. In fact an edge of over +120% is possible with the use of roulette computers. Although they are still legal in some casinos, they are strictly forbidden by casino rules. Such an enormous edge is possible because computers measure the wheel and ball speed to predict when and where the ball is likely to fall. Then the player’s edge is a matter of how predictably the ball bounces. In most cases, the ball’s bounce is predictable enough to enable a very high edge. You can learn more about them at the page for casino roulette tips and systems.

Excluding the use of cheating devices, the highest edge possible in any casino game may still be with roulette. This is with the use of visual ballistics and related techniques, which are considered legal advantage play in all casinos. However, roulette is an extremely dynamic game with countless variables. So just because you can get a 120% edge on one wheel doesn’t mean you can do the same on another wheel. Many wheels appear to be nearly impossible to beat even with a roulette computer. On an average modern wheel, a typical edge possible with a roulette computer ranges between 20-50% without consideration to deliberate losses made by players just to avoid detection.

Next best appears to be card prediction techniques such as edge sorting. But whether or not edge sorting is illegal cheating, or legal advantage play, depends on the jurisdiction of the casino. You may be familiar with the recent case involving Phil Ivey, in which the judge ruled that edge sorting is cheating. As with any advantage play, usually you’ll need an organized team. If edge sorting in Baccarat is your focus, try a Baccarat gambling forum to find partners.

Is the highest edge all that matters?

In a hypothetical situation, the higher the player edge, the more assured profit is over the long term. But it’s quite different in a real casino environment. Theoretically a roulette computer player could win a million dollars per day. But in reality, the casino would notice the consistent wins from late bets before you got even close to millions in profit. The Ritz roulette computer players won £1.3 million in 3 days before they were caught. But since then, casinos have become more aware of the technology.

Essentially the main limiting factor of an advantage player’s winnings is what the casino staff will allow. And this is determined by how well the team avoids detection. I say “team” because rarely do advantage players work alone.

From the perspective of avoiding detection, card games are superior to the roulette systems like visual ballistics. The main weakness of roulette ballistic methods is they are easy for casino staff to notice. So even if the player can achieve a 120% edge in a home environment, it cant be fully realized in the real casino environment.

To avoid detection, roulette players must camouflage their winning bets with deliberately random and losing bets. For example, on 80% of spins they may make random bets and lose. But 20% of their bets are based on a strategy that works, and this is where their edge comes from. The end effect is a 120% hypothetical edge is cut to just 24%. Although it’s still a phenomenal edge.

So which game is best for advantage play?

It depends on the specific rules and procedures of the casinos you play in. If the roulette wheels are poorly maintained in your local casino, and the staff usually close bets late in the spin, then roulette is likely one of your best options. But if your casino is attentive and aware of roulette advantage play, then you would be limited to systems involving bets before ball release, which are much less effective. An example is roulette wheel bias, made famous by Joseph Jagger and the Pelayo family. But exploiting biased wheels many decades ago is not the same as today. It’s still viable, but impractical and comparatively difficult considering all circumstances.

There is no single game that is most profitable for all casinos. An advantage player can either adapt to any game in the casinos they play in. Or they can scout different casinos to find which of them has the more favorable conditions for their game of choice. If you limit yourself to one game and don’t travel, your options may be limited. If you travel and are open to attacking any game, then you have far greater options. But it is important to consider the cost of travel and scouting for ideal conditions can be prohibitive. This is why many teams recruit new members on gambling forums.