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Doug Polk Says Tom Dwan's Gambling Debts Could Be Larger Than Previously Thought

Offers 'Evidence' Online Poker Superstar Involved in Two Seven-Figure Scams


Doug Polk said in a video blog released Wednesday that when he was first starting out in poker he looked up to Tom Dwan, who was once one of—if not the—most feared online cash game players in the world.

These days, Polk isn’t a big fan.

In the blog, Polk said that Dwan, commonly known by his online moniker “durrrr”, could have a massive outstanding debt to one of the world’s most successful sports bettors.

According to Polk, some strong “evidence” points to Dwan being the person who owes Haralabos Voulgaris a “seven figure” amount of money. Voulgaris said a year ago that a player in the high-stakes poker community hasn’t made good on an old debt. He wouldn’t name the player.

The speculation ramped up this week after Voulgaris tweeted cryptically on Tuesday.

Polk said Voulgaris basically “tweeted a ‘where the f—k is my money?’”

Last month, Dan “jungleman” Cates told Card Player that Dwan “gambled beyond his means.” Cates has been pressing Dwan to resume their long dormant “Durrrr Challenge” that would award Cates $1.5 million from a side bet (assuming Dwan didn’t come back and beat him in the challenge). According to Polk, Cates was “scammed” by Dwan.

Dwan became a poker legend thanks to TV, which was able to capture some of his epic hands that featured some of the most brazen bluffs in cash game history.

Here’s Polk’s video blog:

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