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Card Player Readers Get Free $20 To Spend In The Upswing Poker Lab

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Here at Card Player, we are always on the lookout for great poker strategy content to bring to our readers and now, we’ve teamed up with Doug Polk and Ryan Fee from the Upswing Poker Lab to bring you an exclusive offer.

Sign up for the Upswing Poker Lab and use the coupon code: CardPlayer20 to get $20 off any purchase. The promotional code is only valid until the end of January, so act fast.

The Upswing Poker Lab is a training course that is updated each month with in-depth theory modules and videos. The Lab continues to add more advanced poker content every week, with extensive theory modules covering topics such as:

1. How to play the river: Fixing one river leak pays for The Lab many times over.

2. SRP as PFC on the turn: If you don’t know those acronyms, you probably want to join The Lab.

3. How to play flush draws correctly in 2017: It’s more complex than first meets the eye.

4. Introduction to being a gangster: How to improve your red-line with non-showdown pots.

5. Preflop mastery: Know exactly which hands to play first in from all positions – and when to deviate from the charts for maximum earnings.

Sign up for the Upswing Poker Lab today for step by step instructions and examples to master both the fundamental theories and situational exploits to greatly increase your skill and earnings. Enter the code: CardPlayer20 to save $20.