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Humans On Small Upswing Versus Poker Bot

Machine Goes For Home Run Value In Hand Against Jason Les


The human team won nearly 100,000 chips on Monday to trim their losses against the world-class poker bot Libratus to about 7,000 big blinds.

At the start of action Tuesday, poker pro Dong Kim was the only one of the four with a lead against the machine. Jason Les was losing the most with a 335,000-chip deficit.

According to Les, he has been running poorly against the machine. A hand he played this week is a good example of some of the tough spots the bot has put him in lately.

The machine had the button and raised to 250 with the 8Diamond Suit8Club Suit. Les defended with the ASpade Suit3Spade Suit. The flop fell AHeart SuitQClub Suit8Spade Suit.

Les flopped top pair, but the bot flopped a set. According to Card Player’s Texas hold’em odds calculator, Les wins just five percent of the time in this spot post-flop.

Les checked, and the bot decided to bet 2,000, which was four times the size of the pot. It had no intention of slow playing this set.

Les called, and the turn was the KSpade Suit, which gave Les a flush draw. He checked again, and Libratus bet 3,500. Les made the call. The river 3Heart Suit was a bad one for Les, as he improved to two pair. He checked, and Libratus shoved for about 14,000.

Les called and saw the bad news.

Action resumed Tuesday at around 11:30 a.m. local time at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh.