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New York Woman Wins $43 Million In Slot Machine Glitch, Offered A Free Steak Dinner

Woman Plans To Sue Resorts World Casino: Report


A woman thought her life had changed when she was playing a slot machine in New York and it told her she had won $42.9 million.

Katrina Bookman was gambling at the Resorts World Casino in Queens in late August, and casino staff escorted her off the gaming floor after a crowd formed around the slot machine.

She would soon find out that the machine had malfunctioned and any prize she won was void. The machine had a maximum payout of $6,500.

The casino said that it would give her a steak dinner, according to the report from WABC. She’s also entitled to just $2.25 from her spin. Under New York gaming regulations, that’s it.

The woman is fighting to get at least $6,500 and plans to sue the casino.

This actually wasn’t the first time a casino offered steak dinners to someone who hit a faulty slot machine for an incredible eight-figure sum.

In 2014, a woman hit a slot machine at an Indiana casino for $29 million thanks to a software glitch. Her and her boyfriend were offered steaks to make up for it.

In a similar case the following year, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled that a grandmother wasn’t entitled to $41.8 million won thanks to a slot machine malfunction. The woman reportedly received just $1.85 for the tainted spin. There weren’t any steak dinners from that incident.