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Two More Arrested In Arizona Low-Stakes Poker Game Bust After Undercover Investigation

Slew Of Charges For Those Behind Poker Union


Two more people were arrested and charged with felonies over a Phoenix-area poker club that held regular low-stakes cash games and tournaments for its members.

According to a report from, two workers were charged Wednesday with the illegal control of a criminal enterprise and managing a gambling enterprise, which are both felonies. They were also charged with misdemeanors for benefiting from gambling and possession of a gambling device, the report said.

The individuals are Jeremy Ramon Muniz, 29, and Bethany Graham, 26.

The owners of Poker Union, Esho Odisho, 31, and Ashour Hermez Odisho, 45, were charged earlier this month, as well as 46-year-old Bruce Lord, who was the club’s tournament manager. An earlier report said that all five had been arrested at the time of the Aug. 11 raid.

Police and the state Department of Gaming did an undercover investigation between October and January, and then months later they busted the game. The entire investigation took a year.

The Phoenix area is home to eight poker rooms at tribal casinos. There are more than 100 poker tables between the casinos. Commercial casinos aren’t allowed in the state.

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