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Somerville Drops Opposition To Wynn Casino

City Content With Changes To Casino Plan


The city of Somerville, Mass. has decided to end its controversial opposition to Wynn’s upcoming casino in neighboring Everett.

According to a report from, Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone said that the city will be dropping court challenges to the $2.1 billion casino. Wynn Boston Harbor last month received approval from the state Department of Environmental Protection, which gave the project the green light and left Somerville weighing its options.

Somerville had been contesting the casino over its environmental impact, as well as traffic concerns. The state asked Wynn to revise the site plan thanks to Somerville’s opposition. An agreed-upon ferry service will help ease traffic congestion.

The city reportedly was challenging Wynn’s gaming license as well. That challenge resulted in the term for a license being reduced from 80 years to 50.

“This particular appeal was never about stopping the casino but rather about exercising the city’s statutory rights of appeal to ensure our city’s environmental, health, and waterways concerns were addressed," Curtatone said last month.

The casino, which will pay $650,000 a year to Somerville, is expected to open in early 2019. Similar resistance from Boston was resolved earlier this year.