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New Hampshire Poker Player Sues Over Drop Box Landing On His Foot During Tournament

Man Claims 'Permanent And Partial Disability'


A poker player in New Hampshire is suing a charity poker room after a metal drop box fell on his foot during a tournament.

According to a report from the Union Leader, poker player Justyn Tyndaal filed suit over the incident that happened in April at the Rockingham Park gambling facility in Salem.

The suit, which was filed last week in Rockingham County Superior Court, claims that Tyndall was seated at a poker tournament when an employee came to the table to remove the drop box attached to the table. According to the lawsuit, the box was dropped onto his foot, which caused “severe pain.” The suit also said that Tyndall alerted Rockingham Park before he left.

Tyndall claims “serious and permanent injuries” that were caused by “carelessness and negligence” on the part of employees. He says he has substantial medical expenses, along with “emotional distress.”

The incident caused “permanent and partial disability, and/or permanent impairments, with disfigurement,” the suit also said.

The legal case is similar to a suit filed last summer in Florida, where a poker player claimed injury after a poker room employee dropped a box containing poker chips on her head.



over 1 year ago

Surprise Surprise, this scumbag has a loooong rap sheet. Multiple convictions for writing bad checks, home invasions, assault with a dangerous weapon etc. And he's 6'3 230 and is crying over a little box falling on his foot. Also noted under tattoos "Lower Left Arm - 2 of Hearts, 2 of Diamonds, Lower Right Arm - 2 of Spades, 2 of Hearts." Never met a good player that had poker tattoos.