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Get A 200-Percent Instant Bonus Playing DFS on CardPlayer Draft

Deposit $10 and Get $30 Instantly On New DFS Site


Poker and DFS players can get a 200-percent instant bonus playing DFS on CardPlayer Draft. You can also deposit $10 and get $30 instantly.

Earlier this summer, CardPlayer announced that it was making the jump into the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) market through a partnership with the iTEAM Network.

Now, the platform is newly updated and has exciting contests for MLB, and soon the NFL and NBA. Contest entry fees from range from 25 cents to $5,000.

Everyday is a chance to compete and win. Between guaranteed prize pools, head-to-head match-ups, free rolls and contests for beginners, CardPlayer Draft has contests for everyone.

Customer deposits are always safe and immediately accessible. Click here and claim your bonus today.

Customer Funds

All customer deposits are held in bank accounts segregated from the company’s operational funds. Each month, an independent audit and accounting Firm reviews the funds in the segregated bank accounts to ensure that they match the customer deposits. The results of these reviews are available online,this practice has been in place since day one.

Encrypted Line-Up Technology: iTEAM Network has developed Encrypted Line-Up technology, the gold standard in Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) data security. Encrypted Line-Up secures the integrity of competitive customer data. This proprietary technology ensures daily fantasy game fairness by preventing others from accessing line-up data.

When a user enters a line-up into a contest, that information is encrypted and stored in a secure Cloud network until kickoff. Only at the moment a contest locks and goes live will the system pull line-ups from the Cloud and decrypt the information.

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