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Ruling On Poker Pro Phil Ivey's 'Cheating' Appeal Likely To Come Within 4 Months

High-Stakes Gambler Tells Court He's An 'Advantage Player'


Poker legend Phil Ivey’s appeal of a £7.8m ($11m USD) court ruling that went against him in 2014 will likely be resolved by September, Card Player was told by a spokesperson for the 10-time WSOP bracelet winner.

The Court of Appeal judge reserved judgement at a Wednesday hearing, which means that a decision will come at a later time. No additional hearings have been planned so far, according to the spokesperson.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Ivey, a sure-fire bet for the Poker Hall of Fame now that he turned 40 years old, was in the London courtroom Wednesday to help his legal team’s efforts to get the ruling overturned.

Ivey admitted to using a technique called edge-sorting in baccarat while wagering £50,000 per hand in order to gain an advantage against Crockfords Casino in August 2012. The casino said it was cheating, and so it didn’t pay Ivey and his playing partner their money.

Though the judge in 2014 agreed that it was cheating, the appeals court will now be tasked with deciding the legal definition of cheating in a casino.

The New Jersey native told the court Wednesday that he’s an “advantage player.”

“Baccarat is a game of pure chance,” a lawyer for Genting, owner of the casino, said in court. “It is not a game of skill, it is not a game of mixed skill and chance. You are not supposed to know what is coming out of the shoe. Those are the rules.”

Ivey and playing partner Cheung Yin Sun never touched the cards in use, but edge-sorting does involve asking the dealer to arrange the cards a certain way to make the manufacturing defects on the backs more visible, all so they could get an idea of the value of the card.

The Court of Appeal judge said when granting Ivey’s motion to appeal last year that his grounds of appeal “raise an important question of law and have a real prospect of success.”

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almost 6 years ago

No way he is winning this appeal,i don't care what you want to call it but if I know what the card is and you don't it is cheating. Plain and simple. He is no choir boy and knows exactly what he was doing.