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Rapper Arrested For Using Fake $50 Bills At Casino

D.C.-Based Artist 'Fat Trel' Charged Over Incident


Martrel Reeves, better known by his stage name “Fat Trel,” was arrested by police Tuesday for allegedly using counterfeit $50 bills at Maryland Live! Casino.

According to a report from, Trel was detained by the authorities after trying to use nine fake $50 bills to gamble with. He was later charged.

The report said that Trel claimed all the bills came from a 7-Eleven ATM, though the 25-year-old later said on Twitter that he didn’t use an ATM.

Eight of the bills had matching serial numbers, which helped the casino spot the counterfeit money, according to a report from TMZ.

Maryland Live! is the largest casino in the state of Maryland.

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over 6 years ago

Smart, real smart. Matching serial numbers, lmao.


over 6 years ago

Hey, he's human, and far more than half of humans are pretty dumb.


over 6 years ago

Being human doesnt excuse one from the terrible decisions they make.
But if you are going to be a f**king criminal Then do it right!! He is definitely a dumbass commenting on social media about his crimes and pretty stupid to use bills of matching serial numbers.