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NBA Daily Fantasy Sports Strategy And Tips

An NBA DFS Scoring Bonanza!


What a wild week it has been for people playing NBA Daily Fantasy Sports. The scores to cash in 50/50s and GPPs have been unbelievable over the last five days or so. Runs like this are bound to happen from time to time, especially after the All-Star break, because of the nature of the game. Teams are resting starters for various reasons, whether it’s nagging injuries, back to backs, or grabbing some extra rest for the playoff run.

Often times the news of these resting starters will come out with very little time to go before lineups lock. This is why if you’re playing NBA DFS, it’s a huge edge to be paying attention in the 90 or so minutes leading up to the games. Take Saturday for instance, the Brooklyn Nets had a good matchup against the defensively inept Minnesota Timberwolves, and with about 30 minutes to go before lineups locked, they announced they were sitting both Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young. That left them with a super thin front court consisting of Thomas Robinson, Willie Reed and the little used Chris McCullough. Who? Right.

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By being aware of who the Nets had on their roster, sharp DFS players were able to confidently grab Robinson and Reed for minimum prices after they were announced as starters. Robinson played 40 minutes and put up a line of 18 points, 17 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals and 5 turnovers. For the minimum! Reed chipped in 32 minutes and a 14-8-3 line with 4 blocks and no turnovers. Right away, you have tons of fantasy points if you were able to use those guys. In addition, you had ample money to spend in addition because they were so cheap. This is where the edge lies in NBA DFS this time of year.

Another example was from Monday and the Memphis Grizzlies. They had a bit of a rough matchup playing in Cleveland, but with starters Mike Conley and Chris Andersen pronounced out, they decided to also rest Zach Randolph who is having knee issues and Matt Barnes who they said has a hamstring issue but it really just seemed like they were giving him some rest and essentially punting the game in Cleveland. So they went into the game with eight active players and DFS players loaded up on the super cheap Grizzlies. They didn’t disappoint, somehow walking away with a win in Cleveland and putting up some monster fantasy performances for bottom barrel prices. Like Saturday, this elevated everyone who used the Grizzlies DFS lineups by way of their scores and the money to spend on stars.

These two examples should hammer home the idea that if you want to compete in NBA DFS, you must be aware of the news. Now, not every last minute scratch will result in a huge fantasy performance from the backup, so you need to have some awareness of who is sitting and the fallout from that. If a lightly used shooting guard takes a night off, it’s unlikely his backup will come in and light up the world. However, when a team is missing some of it’s strongest and highest usage players, someone will have to pick up the slack. Being able to decipher when that situation has arisen will be key for DFS players down the home stretch of NBA season.

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