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NBA Daily Fantasy Sports Strategy And Tips

Random DFS Thoughts For The All-Star Break


With only two more days to play NBA Daily Fantasy Sports before the All-Star break, I thought it would be a good time to put some thoughts down about DFS and some ideas for becoming a better player.

Like poker, DFS is a skill game. Yes, there is luck involved from day-to-day, week-to-week and month-to-month. But at the end of the day, the people consistently making the best decisions and tipping the scales in their favor are going to come out on top. For some, this can be a discouraging idea. To me, it’s been the reason I’ve been so obsessed with DFS since I picked it up. Here, I’ll outline some of the ways to go about being the best DFS player you can be.

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Dive In

Not everyone has the time they’d like to devote to DFS. However, if you want to be a good player, you must find time virtually every day to stay tuned in to what is going on. Whatever sport you’re playing, try to have a feel for what teams are doing, which players are playing well or poorly and so on. By being aware of as much that is going on as possible, you can get a leg up on stuff that people can’t see in a spreadsheet.

Find Tools

While I don’t happen to personally know many successful DFS players, my hunch is that the majority of them have tools that they use to help them succeed. These tools can often be purchased online at strategy sites, or you can take the route that I did and try to develop one yourself. So if you’re looking to improve your DFS game, take some time to consider what you think is important in terms of data. Then, find that information on the internet via a strategy site, or find it on your own create your own tools that can get you pointed in the right direction every day.

Develop Your Own Ideas

When I first started playing DFS, I became sort of fixed on the idea that the best players had a spreadsheet or program for each sport that simply told them who the best plays were for that day. As I’ve become a better player, I’ve realized that while many of the best players do have spreadsheets or models that help them, there are also countless subjective factors that come into play.

If you’re not doing any of your own thinking or applying some ideas that you have about the game, it’s virtually impossible to separate yourself from anyone else who’s purchased a subscription at a strategy site or reads even the best articles. Imagine everyone in the world who played NBA DFS had access to the same spreadsheet, model or program. How would anyone win?

The only explanation is that while the model has some value, the people who win would be the people who applied the knowledge they had in conjunction with the model to come out on top. What I’m getting at is, there is no magic key. To win at DFS, you have to be in tune with what’s going on, think about things more critically than the next guy, and apply the knowledge you have.

Thanks for reading. Find me on Twitter @IanJ300 with any questions.

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