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Nebraska Poker Bill Declared 'Defeated'

Measure Is Off The Table Unless It Becomes A Priority Bill


A bill in Nebraska that would classify Texas hold’em as a game of skill won’t have any hope this year unless it is designated as a priority measure, according to a report from the Associated Press.

An amendment to the bill making it so only card games involving community cards would be allowed was not approved. The vote was 14-16 against it. Many lawmakers are against any form of gambling expansion in the state.

The measure was introduced early last year in what the sponsor, Nebraska Libertarian Senator Tyson Larson, called the state’s first real push for poker rooms (as opposed to Las Vegas-style gambling). While Nebraska doesn’t have poker rooms, some neighboring states do. Iowa, Colorado and South Dakota all have poker games accessible for people in Nebraska.

“I think it’s like 90 percent of Nebraska residents live within 75 miles of a casino, but none of them are in Nebraska,” Larson told Card Player last year. “It’s a terrible issue. Opponents of gaming talk about the social ills that come with it, but the thing is we have those social ills but we don’t have the economic benefit to go along with them.”

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