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Poker Player Spent $100,000 On Powerball Tickets

Dan Bilzerian Says He Bought Tens Of Thousands Of Tickets


High-stakes poker player and Instagram celebrity Dan Bilzerian said on social media that he spent a whopping $100,000 on tickets for last week’s Powerball drawing. The record jackpot was worth more than $1.5 billion.

Unfortunately for Bilzerian, but perhaps fortunately for everyone else, he didn’t have a winning ticket. The jackpot was hit in California, Tennessee and Florida by three people. The odds of winning were 1-in-292 million. With 50,000 tickets, Bilzerian’s odds were much, much better.

Last year, a report came out that alleged Bilzerian’s money is “not exactly clean.” The article said that he “is a beneficiary of—and party to—white collar crimes committed by his father.”

Bilzerian Tweeted prior to the drawing:



2 years ago

I think you mis-typed the title, it should read:
"Gigantic Man-Baby-Douchebag Spends Portion of Un-earned Fortune in an Attempt to Increase Said Un-earned Fortune to Become Even Bigger Man-Baby-Douchebag"


2 years ago

Thumbs up to your post.


2 years ago

and just how do you amass a small fortune...??? You start with a large fortune...!!!