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Poker Dealer Accused Of Hiding Chips In His Socks

Man Lost His Job, But Hasn't Been Charged: Report


A poker dealer in the U.K. didn’t have a card up his sleeve, but he did have chips in his socks.

The dealer at the Cromwell Mint Casino in West London was arrested recently for theft after he allegedly dropped chips into his socks using a secret tube in his pocket, according to a report from The Daily Mail.

After monitoring him, the casino reportedly confronted him and found chips in his socks. The alleged theft was from the casino itself, not from poker-playing customers.

The man allegedly had been handing off the chips to an accomplice during his breaks. He reportedly was fired, but police have not yet decided to charge him. His name has not been released.

The alleged scheme, which went on for several months, also involved another accomplice coming into the casino later to cash the chips, authorities said. The amount allegedly stolen during the period hasn’t been released, though police reportedly found £12,000 in cash when they searched his flat.

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