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Court Says Prisoner Can't Sue Newspaper For Not Publishing Vegas Gambling Odds

60-Year-Old Apparent Prison Bookmaker Sees Lawsuit Tossed


A Pennsylvania inmate won’t be allowed to continue with his lawsuit against a newspaper that stopped printing Las Vegas gambling odds, a move that harmed his alleged illicit prison gambling operation.

The man, 60-year-old Alton Brown, claimed a breach of contract after USA Today discontinued that section of the paper not long after Brown had subscribed, according to

Brown’s lawsuit, which was deemed frivolous by a state Superior Court panel, went after the paper’s former publisher and president.

Brown has a record of assault, robbery and theft convictions.

It’s unclear if Brown faced any punishment for gambling in prison, which is prohibited by state law.

According to the American Gaming Association, the casino industry’s top lobbying group, Americans illegally bet at least $140 billion on sports each year.