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The IRS Wins $8.5M From WSOP Final Table

About 43 Percent Of Final Table Prize Pool Goes To Taxes


The 2015 World Series of Poker final table finished this week in Las Vegas, with the final nine playing for a combined $24.8 million. According to analysis of tax liabilities of the November Nine by, the IRS collected nearly $8.5 million of the prize money.

Poker pro Joe McKeehen won the top prize of $7,683,346, so the IRS actually made more off the final table than the winner. McKeehen reportedly will take home $4,297,394 after taxes, but that doesn’t factor in any pieces of himself that he might have sold.

If you factor in state and local taxes, the total amount taken out of the prize money was roughly $10.1 million, or about 43 percent, according to the report.

The World Series of Poker raked $3,852,000 from the event, which drew 6,420 players.



7 years ago

but you get money back on February 2016, right? No big deal


7 years ago

Not quite bro, in February 2016 those guys will be paying millions to the irs, they won't get nothing back. They owe money so they won't get income back.


7 years ago

That is so ridiculous, if any of these guys voted democratic before this win they will likely change their mind. Especially when people who pay nothing say they are not paying their fair share. 10% would be a fair tax rate, crazy world we live in.