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World Series Of Poker Releases Betting Lines For Main Event Final Table

McKeehen Is 7/5 To Win At Caesars


With the main event final table just days away, the World Series of Poker released betting lines for the November Nine. The odds are still subject to change as the start of the final table draws near.

The wagering on the final table closes at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 8. Play begins at 5 p.m. with the blinds at 200,000-400,000 and a 50,000 chip ante.

Joe McKeehen comes in as the big stack with nearly 158 big blinds, while Federico Butteroni is the short stack with 15.5 big blinds. McKeehen stands at a powerful 7/5 to win. He has a whopping 32.7 percent of all chips in play, most of any chip leader in at least a decade.

All competitors are vying for the $7.6 million top prize.

The WSOP will spread the final table, which will air nearly live on ESPN, out between three days, as the winner will be crowned late Tuesday or early Wednesday morning.

In 45 years of main event champions, a professional has won 30 times, or 66.66 percent of the time. According to the WSOP, Stern, Blumenfield and Neuville are the only non-poker professionals, though Neuville does have the most lifetime tournament earnings out of the final nine going into Sunday.

McKeehen, who has just over $3 million in lifetime earnings, which includes his guaranteed score in the main event, is not far behind Neuville’s $3.17 million in career scores.

Late last month, McKeehen topped a field of 267 to win the Wynn Fall Poker Classic main event for $90,125, indicating that he is in top poker form going into Sunday.

To further explain how big of a favorite McKeehen is, no player entering the final table with more than 30 percent of the chips in play has finished worse than second since at least Greg Raymer’s title. This year was the fifth time since 2004 in which someone entered the main event final table with more than 30 percent of the chips.



almost 7 years ago

bunch of wildcards. joe should make top 3 at least. from nj so would like to see one of the nj guys take it. otherwise im all in for blumenfield and his hats. think max will get ahead of himself and make a costly mistake. pierre and stern im predicting will be big factors in who wins. stern is that guy in the home game that will give your one friend all the chips and you yell at him for doing so. or he takes them all. i play with enough people over 70 every thursday to realize they are capable of making crazy calls. last final table i made with these people, top two chip leaders ended up going after each other. 70yr old+ chip leader raises, gets reraised all in by the guy 2nd in chips, and calls the shove with Q9 suited. other guy had ak. he lost of course. the most dangerous guy at any poker table is the 80 year old guy who makes calls cause hes only going to live once or one more day


almost 7 years ago

The chip leader usually feeds his chips to the other players such as the ninth player or the eighth player. The lower down players know that they must take chances and make irrational moves even if the chip leader is in the hand. During the final table the odds will vary beyond belief.


almost 7 years ago

Another example of the corporate greed of Las Vegas, these futures odds have a whopping 20.5% theoretical hold. A staggering rip-off for a 9 entry field, even if it is a low volume betting event. At that price, you're getting ripped off just as bad as you would at a racetrack. And what's worse is, I'm sure you'd get limited to a low wager amount before they'd want to gouge you even further with a price adjustment. Any self-respecting private bookmaker would give you better odds, but he's the "criminal" and the corporation is the "safe", "regulated", company.