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Card Player Poker Tour: The Bike Events 9-15

Take a Look at the Latest Results


The eighth stop of Season III of the Card Player Poker Tour kicked off at The Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, Calif. Sept. 21. The series will continue until Oct. 14 and feature a $1,100 no-limit hold’em $500,000 estimated guarantee main event Oct. 10-14 using the Bike’s own Quantum Reload concept.

Here is a look at the latest results:

Jeff DavisEvent: No-Limit Hold’em
Buy In: $150
Entrants: 71
Prize Pool: $10,000

1st Jeff Davis $3,500
2nd Jorge Quad $2,090
3rd Altynai Fung $1,300
4th Conway Frankenheim $950
5th Roubick Shanazar $730
6th Aaron Long $580
7th Ro Young $470
8th David Vorse $380

Chris BeshlianEvent: No-Limit Hold’em
Buy In: $150
Entrants: 71
Prize Pool: $15,000

1st Chris Beshlian $4,635
2nd Moe Mogadam $2,695
3rd Jay Kim $1,675
4th Dmitry Kim $1,245
5th Charles Lee $975
6th Gevork Alajajian $785
7th Raymond Myung $625
8th Erich Karle $490
9th Ly Cong Tran $375

Lane LortscherEvent: No-Limit Hold’em
Buy In: $150
Entrants: 56
Prize Pool: $10,000

1st Lane Lortscher $3,400
2nd Scott Gragson $2,030
3rd Sam Khalaf $1,255
4th Jason Kim $940
5th Eric Bruskotter $720
6th James Moore $575
7th Hagob Kouredjian $455
8th Did Not Report $355
9th Robert Wambaugh $270

Albert BraggEvent: No-Limit Hold’em
Buy In: $150
Entrants: 178
Prize Pool: $$20,719

1st Albert Bragg $6,199
2nd Byron Vereschagin $3,585
3rd Ruben Allen $2,205
4th Ken Duke $1,685
5th Khoa Huynh $1,300
6th Sean Yu $1,055
7th Peter Nguyen $835
8th Joon Lee $640
9th Niclas Nordstrom $485

Ricky OrtizEvent: No-Limit Hold’em
Buy In: $50
Entrants: 351
Prize Pool: $33,833

1st Ricky Ortiz $8,793
2nd Daniel Kwan $4,975
3rd Steve Goldman $3,090
4th David Yoon $2,445
5th Steven Sparks $1,985
6th Kurt Richter $1,470
7th Joseph Anthony $1,125
8th Russ Taylor $855
9th Sohrab Karmand $650

Vahid HannaniEvent: No-Limit Hold’em
Buy In: $345
Entrants: 224
Prize Pool: $65,184

1st Vahid Hannani $18,894
2nd Koveh Waysei $10,820
3rd Kevin French $6,455
4th Mark Kogan $4,985
5th Natalio Pereira $3,770
6th Lionel Johnson $3,065
7th John Karavas $2,400
8th Kirk Menne $1,870
9th Jeffrey Gicain $1,420

Sunny ChenEvent: No-Limit Hold’em Bounty
Buy In: $345
Entrants: 115
Prize Pool: $34,500

1st Sunny Chen $7,360
2nd Hong Lin Liu $4,370
3rd Michael Yoshino $2,700
4th Bruce Bender $2,060
5th Ken Gilberson $1,565
6th Andrew Guest $1,260
7th Anthony Zuniga $1,000
8th Tim Newtson $780
9th Hathi Hosseini $600

The Bicycle Casino, also known as the Bicycle Club, is located about 10 miles south of downtown Los Angeles. One of the largest poker rooms in the world, it hosts 175 poker tables on 100,000+ square feet of floor space. The poker room is surrounded by HD televisions and guests are seated in comfortable chairs within a spacious, elegant, smoke-free atmosphere.

For more information about the CPPT, click here.