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Sports Information Traders Is World's Premier Sports Investment Service

Win Big This Football Season With Sports Information Traders


Led by renowned wagering analyst and handicapper to the stars Jon Price, Sports Information Traders is the premier sports investment service in the world. Price is so good at what he does that he’s actually been banned from several casinos in Las Vegas.

Price and his analysts have been featured in several publications such as Yahoo! Finance, Gambling911, Forbes Magazine, Eye on Gaming, ESPN Radio and Bleacher Report. Additionally, Price has been making the rounds on nationally syndicated sports talk radio to make his predictions about the current football season.

Price and his team is so confident in their ability to handicap games and maximize winnings, that they guarantee you’ll make money on your investment. Card Player recently caught up with Price to talk about what makes Sports Information Traders the leading sports handicapping service in the industry.

Card Player: What makes Sports Information Traders one of the best sports handicappers in the world and a good investment?

Jon Price: Sports information traders not only studies and simulates the games, we focus on line value. So many novice bettors will wait right up until kickoff to place a wager. Our clients are able to maximize the very best lines out there. Whether that is placing a wager on a Tuesday for the weekend or right before kickoff. Out of every 100 plays for example if you can change 4 or 5 losses into pushes, or 4 or 5 pushes into wins, you are talking about a significant change both in profit and percentage. Beating the odds is easily our greatest asset.

Our company has a team of analysts that treat your money as if it was theirs. We consider this an investment and understand many losses have been taken on the stock market recently. Those folks are coming to us with an opportunity to show them how we can use our expertise to make their money grow. It’s been very rewarding to get emails and calls from all of the success stories. We became the number one sports handicapping service in the world thanks to my diligence and background in statistics and mathematics, which has allowed me to exceed and become a multi-millionaire thanks to sports betting. Avid poker players often come to me for advice and help to improve their handicapping. In one recent case, I went 8-0 for a famous poker player and made him $650,000 last NFL season.

CP: Can you explain your process?

A Recent Check For $200K In WinningsJP: Our analysts work with our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We make the process simple, straightforward and profitable. The analysts are detail oriented and know exactly how to manage a client’s bankroll. We explain the process of how and why we are wagering the amounts we are, and we pride ourselves on a perfect customer service record. The process can be as simple as 5 minutes a week by just following our instructions or can be more extensive if playing several sports.

CP: What are some of the biggest mistakes sports bettors make?

JP: Novice bettors like to bet on their favorite teams or better yet, public games. Las Vegas was built on rookies. The point spreads are derived to achieve an equal amount of betting on each side. We focus on where Las Vegas makes mistakes. Simply put, Vegas is unlikely to be off on a Cowboys vs. Giants Sunday afternoon nationally televised game. College sports often provide the best investment opportunities because there is simply so many teams and players, there tends to be more variance. We focus our energy and efforts on those games, and we always have an edge. In addition I appear on 15 radio markets each week and every pick I make on air is documented. So far on air I am 5-0 and the whole world is listening to me pick winners and showcase that I am the best sports bettor of all time. This success is no longer measured in dollars and cents but rather the money is an easier way to keep score similar to how the best poker players in the world think.

CP: What great deals or specials do you have for NFL bettors?

JP: We have a 90-day trial investment program that allows you to learn our process and make money. We don’t offer or advertise winning 80 or 90 percent of the games. It is simply impossible and nobody does. The key to success is winning between 60-65 percent of the plays and what we do better than anyone else is MAXIMIZE those wins over the course of the season. Our modest goal is not just for every client to make money, but to make three to five times your investment with us.

Those who sign up to hear more from Sports Information Traders can choose between a variety of packages that include the Game of the Week, or Daily Text Plays with a monthly subscription. You can even qualify for a Private Investor Group which has access to syndicate plays and live text alerts.

To get started with Sports Information Traders, visit the website or call 866-441-2711.