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Poker Pro Leaves Empty-Handed On 'Big Brother'

Vanessa Rousso Misses Out On $500,000 Top Prize


Vanessa Rousso entered Wednesday’s finale of the 17th season of Big Brother with a 50-50 chance to be able to pick who got evicted in third place, but she ended up hitting the rail in third herself and left with no money.

The winner received $500,000, while the runner-up got $50,000, so Rousso basically bubbled. It took three months for the CBS show to go from 17 houseguests to a last-person standing.

Rousso won the first round of the final “Head of Household” competition in an earlier episode, while competitor Steve Moses won round two. Liz Nolan was left waiting as Rousso and Moses faced off head-to-head in a third and final round live on Wednesday. The winner of that round would get to evict someone. Moses barely edged out Rousso in a trivia-style game and elected to evict her.

Moses was almost in tears when evicting Rousso, saying that she was one of the best players the show has ever seen. Rousso apparently was polarizing among fans of the show. Austin, who Rousso evicted in 5th place, was openly rooting for Rousso’s demise.

Rousso later said she would have evicted Moses if she had won part 3.

“It wasn’t out of the realm of possibility [to exit in third],” Rousso said in a post-elimination interview. “I never fully trusted Steve in the game. When he said we were cool for the final two, I didn’t really trust it…I tried my best in this game, I gave it everything I had.”

After getting eliminated, a visibly disappointed Rousso joined a jury consisting of former houseguests to vote on who should win the show. A series of questions were posed at Moses and Nolan to gauge their worthiness. Moses won the jury vote 6-3 to take the $500,000.

Once she was out of the competition, Rousso told everyone on the show that she was not actually a professional DJ, which was her story all summer. She revealed that she’s a professional poker player and told everyone how much she has won in tournaments.

Fellow poker pro Vanessa Selbst watched the show and was disappointed with the results.

In case you missed the finale of Big Brother 17, the full episode is here.