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Online Poker: Phil Ivey Having $400K Month

Poker Pro Has Great Week Despite Losing Week's Largest Pot


Poker legend Phil Ivey hasn’t seen much success this year on the Internet, but he’s had a great September so far and has positioned himself to have a chance to climb out of the hole by the end of the year. September has been his best upswing of 2015.

The past seven days on PokerStars netted him $250,000, which brings his winnings on the month to roughly $400,000. On PokerStars this year, Ivey has logged roughly 41,000 hands at the nosebleed stakes, and he is now down just under $600,000, according to the tracking data from HighstakesDB.

On Full Tilt, he is down $1.2 million on 2015 after 32,000 hands.

The largest hand of the past week, which occurred early in the morning on Wednesday, included the 10-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner. It was a three-handed game at $200-$400 pot-limit Omaha. It was a pretty big cooler for all three players.

Unknown grinder “JayP-AA” raised on the button to $820, and Ivey and Sean “WithColor” Rafeal both called. The flop fell JClub Suit 5Club Suit 4Spade Suit. It was checked to JayP-AA and they bet $1,500.

Ivey and Rafeal called.

The turn was the 2Spade Suit, and Ivey checked. Rafeal fired $7,000, JayP-AA called, and Ivey check-raised to $35,200. Rafeal shoved for just over $95,000 in total. JayP-AA called all-in for roughly $74,000, and Ivey called, having both players covered. The pot stood at $271,632.

Their cards:

Ivey: AHeart Suit 6Heart Suit 5Diamond Suit 3Diamond Suit
Rafeal: ASpade Suit 5Spade Suit 6Club Suit 3Heart Suit
JayP-AA: AClub Suit 9Club Suit JHeart Suit 4Diamond Suit

Ivey and Rafeal both had the nuts, but Rafeal’s hand was far superior with the flush draw. JayP-AA had just two pair, but with a flush draw to go along with it, they had decent equity.

According to Card Player’s Omaha Odds Calculator, Ivey and Rafeal split the pot just over 47 percent of the time; Rafeal scoops about 22.2 percent of the time, and JayP-AA wins almost 31 percent of the time. Ivey didn’t have any outs to win the entire pot.

The players elected to run it just once, and the 10Spade Suit landed on the river, which was a lucky card for Rafeal. He raked in the massive six-figure pot.

Despite losing that hand, JayP-AA ended the week as the biggest winner. Viktor Blom’s $3 million upswing came to an abrupt end this week, as he lost more than $700,000.

Here’s a look at the biggest winners and losers over the past week:

JayP-AA: $547,221
BERRI SWEET: $336,874
Ike Haxton: $335,407
fjutekk: $298,759
RaiseOnce: $249,641
joiso: $233,902
Jeans89: $231,464

Isildur1: -$744,178
Sauce123: -$411,481
Zugwat: -$371,273
taktloss47: -$338,026
Lrslzk: -$225,496
JesusLebtNOT: -$158,534
1-ronnyr3: -$150,972