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California To Hold I-Poker Hearing Wednesday

One Of Several Bills On Table To Be Further Vetted


California will hold another hearing to discuss the merits of legalizing and regulating real-money online poker sites tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. local time in Sacramento.

The title of the hearing is: “The Legality of Internet Poker – How Prepared Is California to Regulate It?” Representatives from the likes of the Poker Players Alliance, Caesars Interactive Entertainment, Amaya Gaming, Commerce Casino and the Bicycle Casino will be there to give testimony to lawmakers.

One of the roadblocks to California authorizing the games is the issue regarding eligibility for racetracks. Some want tracks to be able to offer online poker, if licensed, while other stakeholders in California’s casino gaming market do not. California can only support so many operators.

Some sort of compromise will have to be reached between the major players in the state’s robust gambling industry in order for regulated online poker to become a reality.

A live audio stream of the hearing is available here.

California last held an online poker hearing about a month ago.



almost 7 years ago

duh california politicians. its a no brainer!!!!! allow companies to provide poker so you can tax it. i can tell you what it should come down to....

charge a license fee to pokerstars and all the other big players that want in and take a percentage of the money they rake in. this should be a california government move on its own. instead you want to lets tribes, race tracks, casinos, etc. take a cut. fine. the main point is that a bunch of companies are going to have little crappy online cardrooms which are eventually going to consolidate. what people want are big sites like pokerstars and full tilt with numerous ways to play cash game poker and tournament style poker. that is also where you will gain the most income because its what the people want.

im a california resident and ive been waiting years for online poker. COMPANIES LIKE POKERSTARS CAN FLIP THE SWITCH ON TODAY AND THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA CAN BE MAKING MONEY TODAY!!! all you have to do is give the ok.

hurry. were waiting.