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Poker's Legends Amass Huge HeroScores

Negreanu, Ivey, Hellmuth, Seidel, Brunson Shine On RankingHero


While traditional rankings measure up to 400,000 live tournament players, the HeroScore can rank millions of players from their online username or Facebook details. It provides them with social proof, which is a fundamental need for poker players today.

Interested in a new way to compare poker players and other members of the poker community? RankingHero has developed this new concept to combine database results with a social component to give HeroScores to those within poker. Anyone can have a HeroScore.

RankingHero doesn’t just use a player’s performance in dollars on the felt to determine their ranking. The site also takes into account popularity, by looking at public data from social networks, as well contributions to the poker community and the growth of the game.

Find out your own HeroScore.

RankingHero is also a place for professionals within the poker industry to post their resumes and endorse their colleagues, similar to a LinkedIn. One’s RankingHero profile can also host their social media feeds, serving as a comprehensive overview of a person’s poker-playing life. In addition, professional players looking to build their personal brand can use RankingHero to manage their online reputation and keep in touch with their growing fan base. Event organizers can promote their tournaments to a huge and qualified audience.

Have you ever cashed in a poker tournament? You can find out if you already have a HeroScore. If you don’t yet, sign up and begin work on your RankingHero profile. It’s never too late to become a recognizable name in the poker community.

Here’s a look at the top HeroScores in the poker world.

PokerStars pro Daniel Negreanu has the top HeroScore thanks to being in the top five in all three categories—poker score, popularity and contribution. He has huge point totals of 717,077, 735,203 and 417,472, respectively, giving him an overall HeroScore of 1,869,752. The six-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner is one of the most recognizable names in the game, both on and off the felt.

Phil Ivey, a 10-time World Series of Poker bracelet, has a HeroScore of 1,841,942 thanks to a poker score of 701,978, a popularity score of 1,062,151, which is the most in the world, and a contribution score of 77,878. In addition to his live success, Ivey is one of the most successful online cash game players in history. He consistently snags mainstream media attention.

Phil Hellmuth is no. 1 in the contribution rankings (471,961 points), thanks to his promotion of poker to mainstream audiences. He’s seventh in popularity with 649,451 points and seventh in the poker score with 615,400. His overall HeroScore is 1,738,401, not too far behind Ivey and Negreanu. Hellmuth won his record 14th WSOP bracelet this summer, distancing himself further from his rivals.

Erik Seidel, an eight-time WSOP bracelet winner, has a 1,398,384 HeroScore. He is sixth in the poker score department with 680,001 points, 15th in the popularity rankings with 397,870 and ninth in the contribution rankings with 320,513. He has been close this summer to grabbing his ninth bracelet. Seidel dominates high roller events all over the world.

Rounding out the top five HeroScores is poker legend and author Doyle Brunson, who has 1,334,019 points. His poker score is 244,260, but his popularity score is 680,790, good for fifth. His contribution score is third-best (409,225 points), thanks in part to penmanship.

Everyone has a hero score already, what’s yours? Log-in for free with your Facebook or Twitter name, check your hero score. Sign up today and get started following your favorite poker players and/or begin working on catching them in the HeroScore rankings. All of poker’s heroes had to start somewhere.

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