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Online Poker: Kristy_sea Wins FTOPS No-Limit Rebuy

Event No. 7 in the FTOPS III Almost Quadruples Guarantee, Sees Many Pros

Stacked Table at Event No. 7 of the FTOPS III
This stacked table occurred deep in the tournament, after the money bubble had already burst. Sitting at the table were Rizen, Roothlus, THE__D__RY, Clonie Gowen, and the tourmanent's ultimate winner, kristy_sea (Imper1um).

Full Tilt Online Poker Series Event No. 7: $100,000-Guaranteed No-Limit Hold'em with Rebuys

Full Tilt's software just recently started supporting rebuy tournaments, and given the response to last night's no-limit-with-rebuys tournament, I'd say Full Tilt's users are plenty happy about the new feature.

The tournament, event No. 7 in the Full Tilt Online Poker Series III (FTOPS III), posted a modest $100,000 guarantee. That guarantee was put to tremendous shame when the 703 entrants made 814 rebuys and 366 add-ons, at $200 apiece, rocketing the prize pool to $376,600, almost quadruple the guarantee.

The tournament also had a very large number of prominent Internet poker players make the money, including (but certainly not limited to) Faraz "The-Toilet 0" Jaka (16th, $1,883), Scott "mindwise" Pendergrast (17th, $1,883), Eric "Rizen" Lynch (18th, $1,883), Grayson "The_Dean221" Nichols (35th, $1,318), Bryan "micon" Micon (47th, $1,036), and Adam "Roothlus" Levy (48th, $1,036). Full Tilt-sponsored pro Clonie Gowen also cashed in the event, coming in 49th for $1,036.

When the final table formed, two highly-ranked Internet pros remained, Danny "The__D__RY" Ryan and Sorel "kristy_sea" Mizzi (more widely-known as Imper1um). It is rumored that Mizzi used this account for the tournament because his normal account on Full TIlt had been "hacked" and was under suspension until the problem was resolved.

The__D__RY started the table in seventh place in chips, with $202,000. Cjoseph was in the chip lead with $764,000, while kristy_sea was in second with $633,000. Within the first 10 minutes of play, three players had already been eliminated and THE__D__RY's stack was achingly short. He had just $172,000 when the blinds were at $6,000-$12,000; not a desperate situation, but he'd likely have to pick his spot soon.

Just over 10 minutes later, kristy_sea had emerged as the dominant chip leader with $1.4 million versus cjoseph in second with $604,000. THE__D__RY was down to less than $100,000, with the big blind now at $16,000, and he decided to take a stand by pushing all in preflop. He was called by benba, who showed A 5. THE__D__RY had a good lead with pocket queens. Good, that is, until the flop came A 9 7, giving benba a pair of aces to take over the lead. The turn and river were blanks and THE__D__RY was eliminated in sixth place ($16,947).

Kristy_sea then continued to exert his dominance by finishing off the next two short-stacked players, rjmgrace in fifth ($24,479) and LiquidSmoke in fourth ($32,011). Kristy_sea now had an even heftier chip lead with $1.8 million compared to benba in second at $714,000 and cjoseph in third with $424,000. Cjoseph lasted eight minutes into three-way play before he decided to go down to the felt. He pushed all in preflop and kristy_sea called and showed pocket tens. Cjoseph picked the wrong time to push with his pocket deuces and was well behind. The board ran out and failed to further improve either player and cjoseph collected $42,368 as he left the table in third place.

Kristy_sea now had over $2 million in his stack and twice as much as benba, who was sitting with $982,000. After six minutes of heads-up play, kristy_sea had more than halved benba's stack. In the final hand, benba called in the small blind, with the big blind at $24,000, and kristy_sea checked his option. The flop came 10 7 4 and benba bet $54,000. Kristy_sea pushed all in over the top and benba called, after some thought, for his last $322,000 and showed J 7 for middle pair. Kristy_sea held 10 3 for top pair and the lead. The turn was the Q and the river the 4 and kristy_sea took down the pot to eliminate benba in second ($56,490).

Kristy_sea collected $90,384 for first place, along with an exclusive gold FTOPS jersey avatar.

The final results were as follows:

1) Sorel "kristy_sea" Mizzi - $90,384
2) benba - $56,490
3) cjoseph - $42,367.50
4) LiquidSmoke - $32,011
5) rjmgrace - $24,479
6) Danny "THE__D__RY" Ryan - $16,947
7) NoBadBeatsPlz - $11,674.60
8) bbaker23 - $9,038.40
9) Balla-B13 - $6,778.80

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over 11 years ago

I couldn't get any good confirmation on it at the time of posting, so I didn't write it, but I've had confirmed from MULTIPLE reliable sources that kristy_sea is, in fact, Sorel "Imper1um" Mizzi. I've updated the report to reflect this. Thanks!