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Player Enters $125 Poker Tournament, Accidentally Gets Seated In $25K Buy-In, Knocks Out Top Pros

Aria Ends Up Disqualifying Player, Compensating Pros For Mistake


Aria's Poker RoomWhile the World Series of Poker was running the largest live event in poker history, Aria Resort and Casino on the Strip was hosting a $25,000 buy-in tournament that catered to some of the game’s top professionals. It just so happened that one of the “entrants” was seated by mistake after registering for a different, $125 buy-in daily tournament.

According to poker pro Justin Bonomo, it took a handful of hours before the mistake was noticed, and the player who got in for the huge discount actually ended up busting several players in the $25,000 buy-in.

One on of them was Thomas Marchese.

Fortunately, the player who wasn’t supposed to be there didn’t end up cashing.

When the mistake was noticed, the player was removed from the event, along with his chips, Bonomo said. The poker pro added that Aria compensated players for the mistake.

Max Silver ended up winning the tournament for a payout of $432,000. He beat Dong Kim heads-up. Jake Schindler finished third. The event drew more than 30 players.

Aria held a second $25,000 buy-in the following day, and that one was won by Andrew Lichtenberger who defeated Erik Seidel heads-up for $398,000.



almost 7 years ago

Justin Bonomo, an admitted poker cheat, commenting on this is well, what has this game come to? Pathetic...


almost 7 years ago

Maybe the guy stayed at a Holiday Inn Express the night before. It's like showing up for a 2-hand touch game of football with your friends and someone pulls you and puts you directly into an live NFL game.

Not sure how his conscience let him stay in there so long. He had to know sooner or later the mistake would be discovered. It's not like he'd be able to cash any winnings(?) without an I.D.