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Floyd Mayweather Wins $830K Gambling In Vegas

Boxing Star Has Great Day At Sports Books


Floyd Mayweather reportedly earned around $200 million for beating Manny Pacquiao in the so-called “fight of the century,” and recently he used $350,000 of his bankroll to gamble on sports in Las Vegas.

On Sunday, Mayweather posted photos of four of his bets to his Instagram account.

“The last four days have been great,” Mayweather wrote. “I’m getting paid while watching others entertain and perform. I don’t do anything for free. I bet $350,000.00 and walked away with $827,272.73.”

According to USA Today, here’s what he bet on:

That the Houston Rockets would beat the money line their during game six against the Clippers; that the Hawks would beat the second half spread against the Wizards in game six; that Gennady Golovkin would knock out William Monroe Jr. before the end of the sixth round; and that the Clippers would beat the second half spread against the Rockets in game seven.

Mayweather is known for splashing money around in Las Vegas. However, last year he made headlines after a waitress said he tipped $0 on a $25,000 bill.



5 years ago

Show us the taxes you paid on all your net winnings ;P


5 years ago

lol give the guy a break. Bragging about wins and never speaking about losses is as old as gambling itself.

I've never heard him claim to be a lifetime winner or anything.