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Alabama Governor Says Gambling Proposal Would Make State 'Look Like Las Vegas'

Some Want Gambling To Fix Budget, But The Governor Hates The Idea


Image via PoliticoGiven Alabama’s budget issues that could soon be as severe as $700 million, some in the state want a lottery and casino gambling at a handful of facilities in the state.

However, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley came out this week to bash plans for the gambling expansion in his state. “It is one of the worst pieces of legislation I have ever seen,” Bentley said of the plan being discussed that would establish the lotto and casinos.

He added that the proposal would “make Alabama look like Las Vegas.”

Rather than gambling, the governor has proposed a $541 million revenue package that includes higher taxes on cigarette and cars, as well as the closing of corporate income tax loopholes and the elimination of certain tax credits and exemptions for banks, insurance companies and utilities, according to a report from the Montgomery Advertiser.

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