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Court: Casino Doesn't Have To Pay Woman $41 Million After Penny Slot Malfunction

Iowa Supreme Court Puts Nail In Coffin On Case


Slot machines are the cash cow for the U.S. casino industry, but sometimes they can be the biggest headaches.

According to the Associated Press, the Iowa Supreme Court said on Friday that Isle Casino Hotel doesn’t have to pay a grandmother $41 million because the penny slot machine she was playing on was defective.

Pauline McKee thought she had won the incredible prize at the casino during a family reunion in 2011. She later sued after the state determined that the prize was invalid because of a software error.

The machine she was playing on had a $10,000 maximum prize, the report said.

Instead of the $41,797,550, the casino paid McKee just $1.85 for the tainted spin, according

McKee’s case isn’t unheard of in the casino world. Last year, a woman in Indiana thought she hit a $29 million jackpot playing a slot machine. The casino said it was a glitch and offered her two steak dinners in lieu of $29 million.

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Mr. Honest
7 years ago

She should at least get 10g.


7 years ago

No Mr. Honest, the judge got the 10k for ruling in the casino's favor ;)