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Online Poker: Viktor Blom Loses $340,000

Poker Pro Gives Backs Most Of Previous Winnings


A week after he won $385,000, poker pro Viktor Blom gave $340,000 of it back, according to tracking data from HighstakesDB.

Blom had a very nice stretch from April 10-17, but since then has lost most of the profits. It took the Swede roughly 1,800 hands to lose the $340,000.

He is now down more than $650,000 on Full Tilt this year, according to the tracking.

Despite the big losses, Blom didn’t drop the most online over the past week. That honor goes to unknown account “megabanny”, who lost $583,000 on PokerStars. Phil “Polarizing” Ivey had a bad week as well, losing $140,000 on Full Tilt.

PokerStars and Full Tilt are both under the ownership of Amaya Gaming.

On the flip side, “bajskorven87” was the week’s biggest winner with a very nice $412,000 in profits. It took him or her just under 2,700 hands to win that sum.

Accounts “HoldemJill9” ($200,000), JayP-AA ($183,000) and Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond ($177,000) all had great weeks as well on the Internet.

The largest pot over the time frame occurred in a heads-up match between Ivey and “Carlooo13”. It was a hand of $300-$600 pot-limit Omaha.

Ivey had the button and raised to $1,800. His opponent three-bet to $5,400. Ivey called.

The flop fell 9Heart Suit 5Club Suit 4Diamond Suit.

Carlooo13 bet $7,100, and Ivey raised to $23,000. Carlooo13 made it $80,000, and Ivey went all-in for roughly $20,000 more. Carlooo13 made the call. Their cards:

Carlooo13: 9Diamond Suit 9Club Suit 2Club Suit 2Heart Suit
Ivey: QSpade Suit 9Spade Suit 6Heart Suit 4Spade Suit

Ivey was in terrible shape with his two pair and no draws against Carlooo13’s top set. According to Card Player’s Omaha odds calculator, Ivey wins less than five percent of the time.

They elected to run it twice.

The first run-out was the 7Diamond Suit 5Spade Suit, and the second came KSpade Suit 10Diamond Suit. Ivey lost both and Carlooo13 took the $211,000 pot.