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Jeopardy Fans Irked By Former Poker Pro's Unconventional Game Show Strategy

Jacob Wins For The Sixth Time, Increasing Earnings To $149,802


We’ve been reporting on former poker pro Alex Jacob and his unorthodox, but successful Jeopardy playing style all week. In fact, on Friday Jacob won for the sixth time, increasing his earnings to $149,802, but some game show purists out there still aren’t sold on the 30-year-old’s strategy.

Jacob has been dominating his competition by jumping around each Jeopardy category, which throws his opponents off and allows him to find the Daily Doubles more quickly. Once he gets a Daily Double, he either bets big to make his lead insurmountable, or bets small to steal a double up opportunity from the other contestants.

To commemorate his impressive run, Jacob created the Twitter account @whoisalexjacob and he’s done a great job of archiving not only the positive tweets from his fans, but also the negative tweets from the haters.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Check out Friday’s performance below and watch Jacob defend his title on Monday night.