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Online Poker: Viktor Blom Win $385,000

Swede Makes Nice Dent Into 2015 Losses


Over the past seven days on the Internet, poker pro Viktor “Isildur1” Blom scooped $385,000 in winnings, according to tracking data from HighstakesDB. He was one of the top earners.

Most of those profits came on Full Tilt, and they more than cut in half his losses on 2015. Blom is in the red roughly $315,000 this year on Full Tilt, after logging more than 38,000 hands.

Blom has lost an average of $8.29 per hand played.

Blom’s $30,000 week on PokerStars left him in the red roughly $28,000 on that site this year. The Swede’s primary game on both sites is the eight-game mix.

The biggest winner yesterday on the Internet was Phil “Polarizing” Ivey, who won roughly $89,000 playing $1,000-$2,000 deuce-to-seven triple draw.

Ivey is still down more than $1.5 million this year on Full Tilt.

Following a week in which he lost more than $260,000, Ilari “Ilari Fin” Sahamies had basically a break-even week on PokerStars. Even the aggressive Sahamies couldn’t drive the action, which was considerably slow over the past seven days, despite being pretty decent recently. Perhaps some are taking some vacation time as the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas draws closer.