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White House Petition Calls For Defeat Of Proposed Online Poker Ban

100,000 Signatures Sought By May 2, 2015


A proposed ban on some forms of online gaming faces long odds in Congress, but you should still take the threat seriously. A petition to protect and preserve regulated online poker has appeared on, and it’s seeking 100,000 signatures within the next month.

Sign it.

Even if you think RAWA doesn’t stand much of a chance, you should still sign it because once RAWA efforts are dead, then poker advocates can focus on supporting bills in individual states that seek to legalize and regulate the popular web card game.

As of the early morning on April 2, the petition had less than 150 signatures.

The petition directed to the Obama Administration reads:

“Some in Congress seek a federal shutdown of state-authorized online poker and other betting websites, and a ban on future sites. This would set a dangerous precedent where Congress could block states from authorizing online intrastate commerce. Regardless of personal opinions on wagering, the Tenth Amendment directs that states decide such matters, not Congress. RAWA benefits only certain large donors, while state-licensed sites safeguard players, prevent underage participation, and protect those with excessive gaming habits. And, the safety and security of licensed sites drives unlicensed sites out of the market. Please pledge to veto RAWA.”

Last month, a hearing was held on Capitol Hill to discuss RAWA. Several days ago, Texas Congressman Joe Barton indicated he would be re-introducing a pro-online poker bill, which is good news in that there’s a bill basically opposing the Sheldon Adelson-backed RAWA.