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Pamela Anderson Says Ex-Husband Rick Salomon Won $40 Million Last Year Playing Poker: TMZ

Wealthy Entertainment Industry Producer Bests Andy Beal


Wealthy poker player Rick Salomon and actress Pamela Anderson are going through a divorce, and the latter is alleging in court documents that Salomon won $40 million playing poker last year, with a lot of it coming from billionaire poker player Andy Beal, according to TMZ.

Anderson reportedly is looking to claim half of that poker money won last year.

According to Anderson, in one weekend Beal and Salomon played at the Bellagio in Las Vegas and Beal was up $13 million at one point in the session before ending their heads-up match down $16 million to Salomon. Beal also recently lost $5 million to Todd Brunson.

Anderson filed for divorce just days after Salomon cashed for $2.8 million in last year’s $1 million buy-in event at the World Series of Poker. He finished fourth.

Their split was actually the second time the couple has separated. In 2007, after just two months living happily ever after, Anderson and Salomon said enough was enough.

Anderson and Salomon actually got hitched the first time thanks to spending a lot of time together in a poker game. Anderson reportedly lost $250,000 to Salomon in that game.

Curious about how Salomon plays poker? He’s a look at a big hand he played last year.



almost 8 years ago

It is true, they are the rake!


over 6 years ago

At the end of the day, Casino is the winner.


almost 8 years ago

Salomon Won $40 Million Last Year Playing Poker but he lost 41 million.


almost 8 years ago

The IRS will most likely want to have a word with both of them now. If she is claiming he profited $40 million.... a claim she wouldn't have to make if the money was also claimed on their tax returns... then the IRS would like their retroactive cut.