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Delaware's Three Online Poker Sites See Roughly $600,000 In Revenue In 2014

State's Web Poker Games End The Year With Poor Month


The state of Delaware has three licensed online poker sites and they took in a combined $600,000, approximately, in revenue during calendar year 2014.

The poker sites closed out 2014 with $28,589.38 in revenue in December, one of the worst months on the year. Revenue dropped off significantly after the spring.

Delaware’s online gaming industry, which includes more than just web poker, began in November 2013. The state is one of three in the country with a regulated online poker industry.

December 2013 saw $106,900 from poker—which is still the state’s record.

New Jersey’s online poker industry took in just over $29 million in 2014. The Garden State has four poker sites. In Nevada, which has just two poker sites, the state won’t release information on online poker revenue. Though, Nevada did just release a report that stated gambling businesses statewide took in $119.9 million from both live and online poker last year.

All three online poker industries have been disappointing (in terms of revenue). That’s the consensus. Estimates on the size of the markets varied widely before the respective industries launched, so it’s difficult to quantify that disappointment.

There’s been a persistent lag time with financial institutions warming up to the idea of processing online gaming transactions. Also, online poker sites need liquidity, something that is lacking in an intrastate model. This year, California and Washington are eyeing online poker.

Here’s a look at Delaware online poker revenue by month in 2014:

January: $88,588.29
February: $74,399.76
March: $84,476.91
April: $74,153.72
May: $57,468.44
June: $25,607.60
July: $31,261.18
August: $38,654.64
September: $32,304.69
October: $28,465.60
November: $31,610.21
December: $28,589.38