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UNLV Planning Center On Casino Regulation

Research On Global Industry To Be Conducted, In Addition To Classes


In the near future, the University of Nevada Las Vegas will be home to a new academic center focused on gaming regulation. Regulations overseeing the casino industry vary not only by U.S. state, by also by country, as gaming as become a global business.

“As (gambling) has proliferated across the world, it’s been the genesis of gaming law,” gaming attorney Tony Cabot told VegasInc. Cabot reportedly is helping create the new program. “I’ve always felt that there wasn’t sufficient academic research or academic recognition of gaming law as an actual discipline.”

According to the VegasInc report, UNLV’s hotel college and law school are teaming up to form the research center, which will also offer classes for industry professionals.

UNLV also will be kicking off a master in gaming law and regulation course next fall. This all is in addition to the already prominent Center for Gaming Research. That center, which is located on the third floor of UNLV’s Lied Library, is responsible for much of what we know about Nevada’s poker industry.

The center focused on regulation won’t have a physical presence, according to the report.

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