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Mexican Casino Looking To Offer High-Stakes Poker

'Room 802' To Have VIP Section For Nosebleed Games


A casino in Mexico along the border with Texas wants to be a hotbed for poker as it apparently will be the only casino in the city to offer the game.

According to KVUE, the Ciudad Juarez casino will be called Room 802 and it will have a special VIP room for high-stakes poker games. It is worth noting that Mexico has become a popular spot for online poker players who can’t log on in the United States.

“We’re the only ones who will offer Texas hold’em,” Room 802 owner Raul Rodriguez said.

There are actually six casinos in the Mexican border city, with most offering slots and sports book betting—and Ciudad Juarez apparently will be the only city on the entire Texas-Mexico border with high-stakes poker. It’s unclear just how high they are anticipating.

According to the report, Ciudad Juarez is becoming a safer place to be, despite a history of drug-related violence that plagued it. Officials are hoping tourists will agree.

“It (the new casino) is another plus for the city, especially in Texas, where you don’t have to travel a long way,” said Jose Arturo Ramos, director of special projects for Ciudad Juarez. “If you don’t have the time or the money to travel to Vegas you just cross the border.”

The state of Texas doesn’t have licensed brick-and-mortar poker games.



over 4 years ago

The KVUE article mentions shuttle any chance, will that shuttle run between the casino and the two ports of entry to its north?