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Chris Christie Signs Sports Betting Bill

Governor Hoping New Bill Will Finally Resolve Issue


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed a bill on Friday that he and Garden State lawmakers think will finally give the state sports betting, according to the Associated Press. Lawmakers have been desperately trying to throw a lifeline to collapsing Atlantic City.

The bill was passed by the New Jersey legislature this week.

“As I’ve said all along, I am a strong proponent of legalized sports wagering in New Jersey,” Christie said in a statement.

“But given earlier decisions by federal courts, it was critical that we follow a correct and appropriate path to curtail new court challenges and expensive litigation. I believe we have found that path in this bipartisan legislative effort.”

The professional sports leagues are still pushing back like they have been for a long time now, despite New Jersey’s numerous attempts to get sports betting. Christie issued a directive last month calling for sports betting, and he also signed a similar but ineffective bill to authorize it in the past.

A court date set for Nov. 21 should also help sort things out

No New Jersey-licensed gaming company has yet offered sports betting in the state.

New Jersey doesn’t have sports betting at its casinos because it wasn’t one of the four states under a decades-old federal law that limited sports betting.



over 6 years ago

Twenty years ago certain new jersey politicians received certain gifts from certain outside interests not to vote for sports betting. Now new jersey wants to have sports betting. The chances of getting sports betting in new jersey are about 10%. The sports leagues will fight against sports betting in new jersey until they get a big piece of the action. Money talks. Otherwise new jersey would have to defeat the federal law and would have to outright violate the sports leagues trademark rights.