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Casino Thief Feels Remorse, Hugs And Kisses Employees Before Leaving

Bandit Felt So Much Guilt For Making One Of Them Cry


A man who robbed a casino in Guam apparently felt so bad for the employees he was holding up at gunpoint that he gave them hugs and kisses before he left with $5,000.

According to the Associated Press, the robber was wearing a camouflage baseball cap on top of a black ski-mask and abruptly entered the Lucky Land gambling room on Wednesday night with a silver handgun.

His entrance caused several customers to take off for the exits.

The robber approached three employees of the casino and demanded money.

Video footage (pictured above right) showed him stuffing cash into a black bag before demanding access to the office. He threatened to shoot the employees if they didn’t let him in.

Once inside the office, the bandit also took a wallet from one of the employees, which contained about $200 and the employee’s ID.

The whole ordeal prompted one of the employees to start crying uncontrollably, and the robber felt so bad that he decided to hug two of them (group hug!) and gave a kiss to one of the employee’s on his neck and another on an employee’s forehead before fleeing the small casino.

According to one of the employees, the bandit said: “I’m sorry you had to be the ones working."

When the robber was informed that the owner of the wallet was too broke to get a new license, the robber returned the ID and gave him $7 as compensation.

The report didn’t state whether there has been any arrest in the case.

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