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Court Sides With Gambler In Wynn Debt Case

Appeals Court Reinstates A Lawsuit Pitting Gambler Against Casino


A gambler who apparently lost way more than what he claims he agreed to borrowing in the form of a marker recently had a federal appeals court make a decision in his favor.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, a federal appeals court reinstated Konstantis Zoggolis’ lawsuit against Wynn Las Vegas over a disputed $1.3 million the casino says he owes.

The gambler sued the casino to avoid payment and the casino sued him for the payment.

The gambling in question happened in 2008.

The court’s decision that went in Zoggolis’ favor also said that the gambling debt case doesn’t have to be heard as a patron dispute case in front of the three-member Gaming Control Board because under Nevada law a marker is a legal contract.

If it was heard in front of the Gaming Control Board, that would presumably be favorable to Wynn’s side and not fair to the gambler, the report indicated.

The lawyer for the gambler wants the case to be heard in federal court only. The lawyer is also trying to consolidate the two lawsuits pertaining to the $1.3 million.

Basically, the gambler claims that he imposed a $250,000 limit on his marker, meaning that he didn’t want to play for any amount more than that, but that Wynn Las Vegas kept issuing him credit, and he couldn’t turn it down, until the overall debt was $1.3 million.

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