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NBA Commissioner: Sports Gambling Is Welcomed

League's Leader Says That Such Wagering Is 'Inevitable'


The NBA wants you glued to your TV for as long as possible, even if that means you are betting on games via your smartphone.

According to a Bloomberg report, NBA commissioner Adam Silver recently admitted that the league will make use of sports betting proliferation in the United States, as long as it is of the legal variety, of course.

“It’s inevitable that, if all these states are broke, that there will be legalized sports betting in more states than Nevada and we will ultimately participate in that,” Silver said.

It’s unclear what he means by “participate.”

It is worth noting the the NBA, along with the other major pro sports leagues, recently opposed the state of New Jersey attempting to bring sports betting to Atlantic City casinos.

Perhaps the time wasn’t quite right for the NBA to endorse it.

“If you have a gentleman’s bet or a small wager on any kind of sports contest, it makes you that much more engaged in it,” Silver explained. “That’s where we’re going to see it pay dividends. If people are watching a game and clicking to bet on their smartphones, which is what people are doing in the United Kingdom right now, then it’s much more likely you’re going to stay tuned for a long time.”

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