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Taiwanese Web Gambling Boss Kidnapped, Murdered

Authorities Say Victim's Chauffeur Was Involved


Police say that a wealthy Taiwanese businessman who accumulated his fortune thanks to illegal Internet gambling operations has been murdered by kidnappers, one of whom was his chauffeur, according to AFP.

The case reportedly has “rocked the country.”

The victim, Shih Chia-chin, was picked up by his chauffeur at a local airport on Aug 18. The report said that three hours later the accountant at his company received a phone call from kidnappers demanding a ransom of TW$50 million.

Shih’s family wired the money to three designated bank accounts and called the police. The victim’s chauffeur was the one who tried to withdraw the money, but he aborted the plans after the bank asked for his ID.

The victim’s body was found this past weekend in a ditch in the city of Tainan.

The report added:

Prosecutors issued a warrant barring [the chauffeur] from leaving the country. But about four hours later the suspect managed to board a flight for Thailand with a fake passport, the police said. The police said at least two other people were involved in the kidnapping.

Shih had actually survived a kidnapping attempt four years earlier.

Shih once spent time in prison for his illegal web gambling operation.