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Nearly A Third Of The Casino Floor Space In Atlantic City Will Be Inactive By Year's End

Only Eight Casinos Will Remain, Down From 12 To Start 2014


This fall, after a series of four casino closings in Atlantic City, New Jersey this year, a whopping 413,700 square feet of gaming floor space will no be longer hosting customers.

That figure represents nearly a third of Atlantic City’s total, according to a report from The New York Times. Atlantic City will soon have just eight casinos.

It has been predicted that by 2017 the town will have just six.

Despite this, Republican Gov. Chris Christie, who, by the way, once estimated that New Jersey online gambling would have produced $1 billion in revenue for state-sanctioned gaming firms by July, said Atlantic City is not a disaster.

Christie, who is eyeing a possible White House run, said this week that the city no longer has a monopoly on casino gambling in the Northeast and that it needs to transform into a full-service resort town, the Associated Press reported.

In other words, Atlantic City needs to be more diversified like Las Vegas.

There have been talks of authorizing casinos in other parts of the Garden State. Christie had the option to sign a sports betting bill into law, but he didn’t because it would have circumvented federal law. So for now, no sports betting in Atlantic City.



almost 8 years ago

so your saying Christie spent millions on the fight to bring sports betting to nj and then decides to veto a bill that would introduce it to the state? and take the monopoly away from vegas? of course we have to let is slide though right because he is in a position of power. sick. glad he brought online gambling to nj, helped me a lot, but i cant use that to pardon him for the numerous costly mistakes he has made in office. when did two years of being a governor become all that is required to run for presidency? its cause he is a slick speaker like obama.

ac is doomed. ceasars is billions in debt and hasnt turned a profit since 2009. they are praying a tsunami destroys ballys and ceasars so they can cash on the insurance. both are horrible casinos. both give you this eerie chill when you walk in. ac is not a family place and they have done nothing to make it so. boardwalk is a joke with joke games and ghetto rides. not all of it but its not fun walking up and down seeing bums singing for money or holding signs saying their pregnant and homeless. shopping in the middle of the town is fun if you have money. but there should be things surrounding the outlet stores like golf courses, crazy mini golf courses, nice kiddie park, etc. just nothing to do but besides gamble. casinos got greedy and ruined it for themselves. if christie was smart he would put something by the meadowlands before ny gets on the ball game. only a matter of time before empire state decides to put table games. traffic would be horrible though. in the end he will be long gone trying to be president and someone else will inherit his problems. meanwhile more jobs will continue to be lost and we who live in nj lose in the end.


almost 8 years ago

he does not realize the underground sports betting market is beyond huge. would easily bring in more than online gambling. combine those profits with online gambling and your talking serious money here. with football season coming this decision should have been a no brainer. if he has convinced the people of nj it was a good idea, maybe some marketing campaigns, the image of sports betting could of been a positive for him. without legalizing marijuana or prostitution or ice bucket challenges i cant think of many ways to bring massive money to nj.

looking forward to christie losing to hillary


almost 8 years ago

Zack2 you are right on AC needs to bring someone in that knows how to run a casino. No you can't let poker stars save a hotel and casino,and employees jobs because of there past.The place is a joke, as far as sports betting the players would rather stay with their bookies, remember at the casino you have to lay down your money first.