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Report: Bag Of Revel Money Goes Missing After Apparently Falling Off Armored Truck's Roof

Investigation Into Aug. 6 Incident Is Ongoing


Like Peter from the movie Office Space, every new day for Revel casino in Atlantic City appears to be the worst day of its life.

According to a Tuesday report from Press of Atlantic City, the casino, which is set to close early next month after about two miserable years of being open, had a bag containing $21,000 of its money go missing after an armored truck driver left the money on the roof of the vehicle. The incident happened earlier this month.

The report said:

Hours after GardaWorld armored car services made a cash pickup at Revel on Aug. 6, the casino was notified that nearly $21,000 in currency was missing, according to an incident report obtained by The Press of Atlantic City […] A review of surveillance video shows the truck leaving the Revel’s porte cochere with the bag on the rear driver’s side roof of the truck at 10:51 a.m.—about 20 minutes after the first bag was picked up, according to the report. The money is still there when the truck makes a pickup at Resorts Atlantic City—-about six minutes away, according to surveillance there […] The truck then leaves down Pennsylvania Avenue toward Route 40—with the bag still on the truck’s roof. It is not clear where or when the money fell off.

In other words, someone in Atlantic City found a bag containing $21,000 and apparently decided to keep it. An investigation into the case is ongoing.

Atlantic City’s unemployment rate reportedly is 18 percent.

The $21,000 is probably like chump change to a Las Vegas casino, but for bankrupt Revel, and free-falling Atlantic City, every little bit matters a lot.

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7 years ago

wow! someeone caught a huge break! theres a lucky break that never happens to me. i have trouble hitting a 2 spot in keno