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London Casino Wins £1M Gambling Debt Case

Self-Proclaimed Addict Says Casino Took Advantage Of Her


A rich gambling addict who sued a London casino after dusting off £2m in a single night has lost a court battle and now must pay the casino.

According to the BBC, Nora Al-Daher, whose husband is the foreign minister of Oman, refused to pay half of what she lost. In December 2012, she paid £1m to the casino, and a court has just ruled that she must pay another £1m, plus interest, to the Ritz casino.

She lost the massive sum in an ill-advised April 2012 gambling binge.

The report added:

Mrs Al-Daher had also argued that the Ritz’s claim against her could not succeed because it was based on “illegality” and the unlawful giving of credit…But Deputy Judge Seys Llewellyn QC said he had no doubt that if Mrs Al-Daher had not been allowed to keep on gambling at the Ritz casino, she “would have been eager and inclined to gamble at other casinos thereafter, and very probably during her stay in London during the days or weeks after 3 April 2012”.

According to what was said in court, her and her family gambled away another $5 million in Las Vegas just two to three months after the losses at the Ritz.

Al-Daher is a self-proclaimed gambling addict and said the casino took advantage of her.

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